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Strong Pianification

La nostra esperienza nel settore dell´abbigliamento ci ha permesso di sviluppare una profonda conoscenza nel nostro mercato di riferimento. Questo ci è di grande aiuto nelle fasi di valutazione di mercato e di pianificazione strategica.

A Digital Agency

Dalla pianificazione degli appuntamenti, alla raccolta ordini, al problem solving, fino alla gestione finanziaria; ogni aspetto è gestito all’interno di un ciclo di lavoro completamente informatizzato.

Problem Solvers

La raccolta degli ordini è ormai da tempo solo uno dei tanti aspetti del nostro lavoro; seguiamo con attenzione ogni problema possa sorgere anche nelle fasi successive del percorso che porta fino alla gestione delle consegne e dei pagamenti.

Customer Support

La soddisfazione del cliente è un nostro valore fondamentale. Siamo sempre al lavoro per offrire un eccellente servizio ai nostri clienti ascoltando con attenzione ogni esigenza e trasformandola in una nuova opportunità.

La Nostra Storia

In the mid-sixties, our Father Piergiorgio Bolzonello began his business selling and servicing of knitting machines. After a few years, some of his good customers, with whom he built good relationships, collaborated in the distribution of the knitted garments throughout northern Italy. In a short time, knitwear sales increased to a point where it demanded exclusive dedication. He, therefore, stopped selling the machinery and devoted himself solely as a clothing salesman. The evolution of the market occurred in the 1970s and led him to focus on the north-eastern regions for more widespread distribution increasing wholesale customers and retail sales had just begun in the clothing market at that time. In the years following, his technical knowledge of the product and business acumen produced excellent results for him. Since 1990, we brothers decided, one by one, to follow in the footsteps of our father, alongside our father in sales. Since 2002, with the birth of Bolzonello S.n.c. (Ltd.), we combined forces making us one of the youngest and most dynamic fashion distributors in Northern Italy. Our target distribution market has always been the north-east of Italy, which has several types of customers, including wholesale and various types of retail, be they large, store chains or individual points of sale. We are structured to be agile, punctual and efficient. Our agency is not limited only to the sale of clothing products, but also takes care of the post-sale, credit management and problem-solving skill. We are an ideal partner for structured companies and attentive and demanding customers. The continuous search for excellence in the services offered to our customers and to partner companies has given us international recognition for technical competence and professionalism. These characteristics, together with an openness toward the realities of international markets, have allowed us to establish a strong sales and/or distribution relationship within Italy and Europe.

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